Current Affairs Question Answers (MCQ) April 2016 PDF

Current Affairs Question Answers (MCQ) April 2016 PDF. Objective Question with Answers Free Download PDF General Knowledge April 2016. This Current Affairs April 2016 Question with Answers for all the students which is FREE can download in PDF also can practice Quiz for GK MCQ April 2016.

Current Affairs April 2016 - Question Answers

Current Affairs Question Answers (MCQ) April 2016

Current Affairs Question Answers April 2016

  1. Who has been qualified fro Rio Olympics after winning second position in 3000m steeple chase event at the Federation cup in New Delhi?
    Sudha Singh
    B. Amiya Mallick
    C. Dutee Chand
    D. Rajiv Arokiya

Answer  – A. Sudha Singh

  1. Union Urban Development Minister Venkaih Naidu and which State/Union territory Chief Minister to flag off South India’s First Underground Metro in that state?
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Karnataka
    D. Delhi

Answer :  – C. Karnataka

  1. Which Government announced 10% for economically backward among upper castes with annual income less than Rs. 6 Lakh?
    B. Gujarat
    C. Madhya Pradesh
    D. Rajasthan

Answer : – B. Gujarat

  1. Name the Yojana that has been inaugurated in Bhopal to produce 3 Crore LED Bulbs and distributed all over the State at Rs. 85 per bulb?
    B. Bright
    C. Surya
    D. Utsav

Answer : – A. Ujala

  1. Railway Ministry to set up two new Directorates and dialing service for Cancelling Train Ticket. What is the dialing service No?
    B. 129
    C. 138
    D. 139

Answer : – D. 139

  1. Kerala Indian Medical Association partnered with which organization to promote safe and healthy practices across the state for improving maternal and child health?
    C. WHO
    D. ILO

Answer :  – A. UNICEF

  1. Maharashtra Govt unveiled Online application named ­­­­­­­­­­________________for tribal caste validity certificate?
    B. AdiPraman
    C. AdiKarma
    D. AdiNirman

Answer : B. AdiPramam

  1. Who has been awarded with Japan’s Second Highest national award for his contribution towards Indo-Japan economic relations?
    PK Singh
    B. AK Singh
    C. NK Singh
    D. CK Singh

Answer : C. NK Singh

  1. Who has been awarded the Mongolia highest Civilian award, the North star in the year 2016 for the contribution towards cooperation of India and Mongolia?
    Lokesh Chandra
    B. Lokesh Kumar
    C. Mansura Hyde
    D. Mansura Haldia

Answer : A. Lokesh Chandra

  1. Parliament passes Industries (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2015 to exclude which product from the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951?
    B. Wine
    C. Alcohol
    D. Synthetics

Answer : C. Alcohol

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