Current Affairs March 2013

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Current Affairs March 2013 - Question Answers

Current Affairs March 2013

Name the two Enyalioides species which were discovered from Cordillera Azul National Park in
the last week of March 2013.
a) Enyalioides Shaughnessy and Enyalioides Laticeps
b) Enyalioides Azulae and Enyalioides Binzayedi
c) Enyalioides Oshaughnessyi and Enyalioides Shaughnessy
d) Enyalioides Azulae and Enyalioides Laticeps
Answer: (b) Enyalioides Azulae and Enyalioides Binzayedi

Which International Hockey team won the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament title for the
seventh time on 17 March 2013 by defeating Malaysia?
a) Australia
b) South Korea
c) Pakistan
d) India
Answer: (d) Australia

A team of researchers discovered abundant active bacteria community in the deepest spot of the
Earth. What is the name of deepest point on Earth?
a) Mariana Trench
b) Mariana Islands
c) The Challenger Deep
d) None of these
Answer: (c) The Challenger Deep

 Which organisation launched the highly successful Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission in October 2008?
a) Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre
b) National Mesosphere Stratosphere-Troposphere Radar Facility
c) National Remote Sensing Agency
d) Indian Space Research Organisation
Answer: (d) Indian Space Research Organisation

Who was crowned the Femina Miss India 2013?
Ans. Navneet Kaur Dhilon

  • 30th March:
    BJP announces core team. Varun Gandhi, Amit Shah, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, JP Nanda and Murlidhar Rao were elevated as the party’s General Secretary by the BJP president Rajnath Singh.
  • Serena Williams win Miami masters open Tennis Tournament for record sixth time.
    Social activist Anna Hazare started his ‘Jantantra Yatra’ from Jallianwala Bagh.
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