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GK April 2019 Question Answers General Knowledge PDF. We provide Month Wise General Knowledge. This page is only for April 2016 General Knowledge (GK) Question Answers. This General Knowledge (GK) April 2016 MCQs will help all the students for preparing any entrance exam also any exam for Govt Recruitment Jobs.

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GK April 2019 Question Answers

  1. Which country developed world’s first Graphene electronic paper which is the Lightest and Strongest known material?
    B. US
    C. India
    D. China

Answer :  – D. China
Explanation :
OED Technologies of China joint ventured with Company in Chongqing Province has developed the world’s first graphene electronic paper. The graphene is derived from carbon, meaning production costs will be much lower than for traditional e-papers, which use the rare expensive metal indium.

  1. Who wins gold at Commonwealth Judo Championship for the year at Port Elizabeth in South Africa and selected for Rio Olympics?
    Kalpana Devi
    B. Avatar Singh
    C. Garima Chaudhary
    D. Rajwinder Kaur

Answer : – C. Garima Chaudhary

  1. Naval Ships namely ________________ and ______________, served for the defence operations under illustrious 22nd Killer Squadron decommissioned from the Indian Navy.
    Shivalik and Satpura
    B. Veer and Nipat
    C. Ranvijay and Khuri
    D. Rajali and Kochi

Answer : – B. Veer and Nipat

  1. Who was appointed as the Director General (DG) of Railways Protection Force (RPF) that runs under the authority of Ministry of Railways?
    Rajendra Bhahuguna
    B. Surendra Kumar Bhagat
    C. Surender Kumar Bhagat
    D. Rajender Khanna

Answer : C. Surender Kumar Bhagat

  1. Who has won gold medal in an International Sand Art Championship held at Russia?
    Sudarsan Pattnaik
    B. Mahendra Pattnaik
    C. Surender Pattnaik
    D. Mihir Pattnaik

Answer : A. Sundarsan Pattnaik
Odisha hailed eminent sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has participated in the ninth Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship “The magical world of sand- 2016 and where he produced the sand art of 15 feet high Mahatma Gandhi sculpture for non-violence and peace in the sand art contest.

  1. Which city has been declared as smoke free area by Deputy commissioner with this capital city will be greener, Healthier future?
    B. Trichy
    C. Mumbai
    D. Hyderabad

Answer : A. Kohima

  1. Which region becomes first to have digi-locker facility where citizens will have access to all these documents at any time?
    B. Anand
    C. Rahuri
    D. Meerut

Answer : C. Rahuri
The move comes give fillip to Digital India Programme Rahuri Municipal Council of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra became the first municipality to attain the status of integrated with digital locker for the issuance of all essential Documents.

  1. Indian Archer________________________ equals the world record in the woman’s recurve event at the Archery World Cup in Shanghai.
    Deepika Kumari
    B. Rimil Buriuly
    C. Dola Banerjee
    D. Laxmi Rani

Answer : A.  Deepika Kumari
She gained a score of 686/720 that equaled the record-breaking score of 686/720 set by South Korean archer Ki Bo-Bae in 2015 and selected for Rio Olympics.

  1. What is the logo for Tokyo 2020 Olympics released by Olympic Association to be placed under the five interlocking Olympic rings?
    Holy Elephant
    B. Snake Eye
    C. Lion Piercing
    D. Holding Hands

Answer : B. Snake Eye
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizers’ released a new snake eye logo featuring an indigo coloured check in the design of the logo.

  1. Which State power Distribution Company Limited has become the first e-office electricity distribution company among all power utilities in India?
    Andhra Pradesh
    B. Karnataka
    C. Odisha
    D. Tamilnadu

Answer :  A. Andhra Pradesh

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