ICAR JRF Question Paper 2011 With Answers

ICAR JRF Question Paper 2011 With Answers AIEEA PG Free Download General Agriculture Paper 2011  AIEEA PG Paper 2011 for ICAR All India Entrance Examination for Admission to Master Degree Programmer (PGS).

 1. Agroclimatic zones in India are

(A)18 (B) 15

(C) 20 (D) 17

2. Law of Minimum was given by

(A)Liebig (B) Blackman

(C) Shelford (D) Oement

3. Sulphur containing amino acid

(A)Lysine (B) Methionine

(C)Glutamine (D) Glycine

4. Contribution of agriculture in GDP is

(A) 23% (B) 30%

(C) 40% (D) 60%

5. The specific heat of water is

(A) 0.5 Cal/g (B) 2 Cal/g

(C) 1 Cal/g (D) 4 Cal/g

6. Disease caused by Zn deficiency is

(A) Khaira (B) Mosaic

(C) Die-back (D) Whip tail

7. Mat nursury is related to

(A) Papaya (B) Tobacco

(C) Rice (D) Wheat

8. ANOVA’ was given by

(A) AL. Bowley (B) Horace Secrist

(C) R A Fisher (D) Karl Pearson

9. Karnal bunt is caused by

(A)Albugo candida (B) Nevosia indica

(C) Phytophthora infestans (D) None of these

10. Bonneville, Early Badger, Arkel are the improved varieties of

(A) Frenchbean (B) Pea

(C) Sunflower (D) Soybean

11. Most of the wheat varieties are

(A) Quantitative long day plants (B) Short day plants

(C) Day neutral (D) None of these

12. The simplest measure of variability in a data set is

(A) Mean (B) Range

(C) Median (D) Mode

13. The crop having the highest pesticide use is

(A) Cotton (B) Oilseeds

(C) Rice (D) Wheat

14. Double cross hybrid maize production technique was introduced by

(A) G.H. Shull (B) Mendel

(C) D.F.Jones (D) E.M.East

15. ‘Vertisol’ is related to

(A) Laterite soil (B) Red soil

(C) Alluvial soil (D) Black soil

16. The square of standard deviation is

(A) Coefficient of variance (B) Standard deviation

(C)Variance (D) Mean deviation

17. The principle of making use of greater homogeneity in groups of experimental units

reduce the experimental error is

(A) Local control (B) Experiment

(C) Replication (D) Experiment Error

18. Sugarcane inflorescence is

(A)Racemose (B) Spikejet

(C)Compound (D) Capitulum

19. Country having the maximum area of hybrid rice is

(A) China (B) India

(C) Indonesia (D) U.S.A.

20. Transgenic crop having maximum cultivated area in the world is

(A) Maize (B) Rice

(C) Soybean (D) Cotton

21. Rice grain is deficient in

(A) Lysine (B) Alanine

(C) Glycine (D) Isoleucine

22. An ideal type of rice with small, thick and erect leaf was proposed by

(A) Yoshida (B) Tsunoda

(C) Murata (D) Tanaka

23. Net cultivated area in India is

(A) 143 Mha (B) 150 Mha

(C) 180 Mha (D) 328 Mha

24. Soil air contains CO2 (%)

(A)0.03 (B) 2.50

(C) 0.25 (D) 3.0

25. When the fertility gradient of the field is in two directions, the most appropriate

experimental design is


(C) Split (D) LSD

26. Biurate content in urea is

(A)1.5% (B) 4%

(C)2% (D) 5%

27. Maximum productivity of sugarcane in India is

(A) Punjab (B) Uttar Pradesh

(C)Haryana (D) Tamil Nadu

28. Greenhouse gas having largest contribution to global warming

A) Carbon dioxide (60%) (B) Nitrous oxide (5%)

(C) Methane (15%) (D) CFC

29. Non-edible plant suitable for biodiesel

(A) Jatropa (B) Castor

(C) Coconut (D) Rapeseed

30. Total geographical area of India is

(A) 328.9 Mha (B) 328.9 ha

(C) 328.9 sq.km (D) 328.9 Mile

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