ICAR JRF Question Paper 2012 With Answers

ICAR JRF Question Paper 2012 With Answers AIEEA PG Free Download General Agriculture Paper 2012  AIEEA PG Paper 2012 for ICAR All India Entrance Examination for Admission to Master Degree Programmer (PGS).

1. PAR (Photo-synthetically active radiation) is measured in

(A)Photon (B) Watts

(C) Einstein (D) Quantum

2. The study of relationship between properties and plant production is as

(A) Agronomy (B) Pedology

(C) Edaphology (D) Soil chemistry

3. Triticale is a cross between:

(A) Wheat x Rye (B) Wheat x Barley

(C) Barley x Oat (D) t x Oat

4. Maximum number of treatment accommodates in RBD without loss of efficiency is

(A) 20 (B) 60

(C) 40 (D) 10

5. Photo-respiration rate is highest in which group of plants?

(A) C3 plants (B) CAM plants

(C)C4 plants (D) None of these

6. The first maize hybrid in India was

(A) Ganga-l (B) Kisan

(C) Vijay (D) Vikram

7. Aflatoxin contamination generally found in

(A) Arher (B) Groundnut

(C) Chickpea (D) Soybean

8. Which crop is also known as white gold?

(A) Maize (B) Opium

(C)Soybean (D) Cotton

9. Required seed rate for raising tomato nursery is

(A) 1000 gm (B) 400 Kg

(C) 400 gm (D) 2.0 Kg

10. In Indo-gangatic plains, rice-wheat cropping system covers about

(A) 5 m ha (B) 10 m ha

(C) 15 m ha (D) 20 m ha

11. Test between two population variance is done by

(A) F – test (B) Z test

(C) t – test (D) Arithmetic mean

12. Which test is used for comparing two means from independent samples?

(A) F – test (B) t – test

(C) Chi – square – test (D) Z – test

13. CO2 accepter in C4 plants is

(A) PGA (B) RuBP

(C)OAA (D) All

14. The chemical responsible for lathyrism in mammals is

(A) BOAA (B) HeN

(C) 2,4- DB (D) NAA

15. Which element is involved in bio- synthesis of IAA ?

(A) Nitrogen (B) Boron

(C) Zinc (D) Copper

16. The area under Bt – cotton in India is about

(A) 6.4 mha (B) 5.4 mha

(C) 4.4 mha (D) 3.4 mha

17. The dwarfing gene in rice is:

(A) Opaque – 2 (B) Tift – 23 A

(C) Dee – Gee – Woo – Gen (D) Norin -10

18. The net gain of ATP in glycolysis is

(A) 12 ATPs (B) 24 ATPs

(C)1 ATP (D) 2 ATPs

19. The precursor of ethylene is

(A)Histidine (B) Glycine

(C)Tryptophane (D) Methionine

20. Which state contributes maximum pulse production?

(A) U. P. (B) M.P.

(C) Punjab (D) Maharastra

21. Which of the following crops has the largest area under transgenic globally?

(A) Cotton (B) Soybean

(C) Tobacco (D) Maize

22. Sugar-beet is an indicator plant for

(A) Sodium (B) Molybdenum

(C) Zinc (D) Phosphorus

23. Which of the following gases contributes maximum to global warming?

(A) CFC (B) CO2

(C) Methane (D) NO 2

24. In India, area under rice is about

(A) 25 Mha (B) 28 Mha

(C) 45 Mha (D) 57 Mha

25. Sunflower is also known as an individual plant for the deficiency of

(A) Nitrogen (B) Zinc

(C) Boron (D) Potash

26. Soil air contains CO2 (%)

(A)0.03 (B) 2.50

(C) 0.25 (D) 3.0

27. When the fertility gradient of the field is in two directions, the most appropriate

experimental design is


(C) Split (D) LSD

28. Plants capable of growing in rocks crevices are called

(A) Calciphytes (B) Chosmophytes

(C) Lithophytes (D) Helophytes

29. The C: N ratio of humus is

(A) 20: 1 (B) 100: 1

(C) 10: 1 (D) 400:1

30. Densest part of atmosphere strata is

(A) Troposphere (B) Thermosphere

(C) Stratosphere (D) Mesosphere

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