International Current Affairs June 2016 Question Answers

International Current Affairs June 2016 Question Answers (MCQ) Objective Question with Answers Free Download PDF General Knowledge June 2016.

International Current Affairs June 2016 Question Answers

International Current Affairs June 2016

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International Current Affairs June 2016 Question Answers

  • Asia’s largest technology trade show COMPUTEX is going to be held on June 4 in which country?


Answer : C.Taiwan

  • Instituto de Astofisica de Canarias and the University Scientists discovered the ______________ by a galaxy located 10,000 million light years away.

A.Newton Rings
B.Kepler Rings
C.Copernicus Rings
D.Einstein Rings

Answer :  D.Einstein Rings

  • Which country to launch its first experimental quantum communication satellite in July 2016 with the help of Chinese Academy of Sciences?

A.United States
B.United Kingdom

Answer :  D.China

  • Which country holds best country in World and named as the Good Country 2015 Index due to Good Charitable Service and Volunteer service?

A. Denmark
B. Netherland
C. India
D. Sweden

Answer : D. Sweden

  • What is the theme of the World Environment day is celebrated on June 5 to educate global awareness to take positive environmental action?

A. Go Wild for Life
B. Safe Wild for Life
C. Safe life for Wild
D. Go Safe Wild

Answer : A. Go Wild for Life

  • Who has won the French open Tennis over United Kingdom based Andy Murray held in Paris, France in the year 2016?

A. Feliciano Lopez
B. Roger Federer
C. Novak Djokovic
D. Mahesh Bhupathi

Answer : C. Novak Djokovic

  • The Seventh Edition of World Carrom Championship to be hosted by the which country from November 2016?

A. United States
B. Australia
C. China
D. United Kingdom

Answer : D. United Kingdom

  •  Who has become the world’s highest paid female athlete, according to Forbes after overtaken Maria Sharapova?

A. Serena Williams
B. Ronda Rousey
C. Danica Patrick
D. Agnieszka Radwanska

Answer :  A. Serena Williams

  • The world’s first 3D-printed aircraft was kept on display in the Airbus booth at the 3D International Aerospace Exhibition in which country?

A. Australia
B. Austria
C. Serbia
D. Germany

Answer : D. Germany

  •  Who has been conferred with highest award of the Olympic Movement Olympic order by The International Olympic Committee?

A. Sania Mirza
B. Rohan Bopanna
C. C. Ravichandran
D. N. Ramachandran

Answer : D. N. Ramachandran

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