Interview Tips – Boost Your Interview Skills

Many of our visitor asked us How to prepare Interview?, Latest Job Interview Tips for any recruitment or placement exam in public and private sector.
Interview Tips - Boost Your Interview Skills

Tips : How to prepare Interview?

One of my friend recently cracked a govt. exam interview, I requested him to share his opinion on the same. Today jbigdeal will  un box the the secret  to crack any interview in India. This Interview Tips will Boost Your Interview Preparation Skills and your confident. 

Interview Tips – Boost Your Interview Skills

Interview dress for male

  • Males if they can afford then should wear new Black Paint Suit, light colored shirts, black shoes and black socks.
  • Tie should not be shocking at the day time, because its summer season. The top front button of the shirt should be properly as per the neck size.

Rehearsal before Interview

  • Before 2 days of interview, get ready for interview; fully dress up as you will dress up on interview day.
  • Go to here and there to attend any party in that typical dressing you want to wear on the interview day.
  • Keeping in view the atmosphere, adjust your mood as per the situation.
  • Don’t forget wash your cloths (if required) and again iron them for interview . you will feel the difference on the interview day. This early rehearsal will keep you fresh on the interview day.

On the Interview Day

  • Meet your parents and touch their feet ask for special bless before departing for interview.
  • On interview day Keep a document file in your hands.

What you should do and what you should not?

  • Take a long breath when you will enter in the room/hall. Just verbally greeting them “Good Morning Mam and Good Morning Sir”, wish first if any lady is present in the room. If not then wish first who is most senior man.
  • Say appropriately “Good morning” (up to 12.00 noon) or good-afternoon (up to 3.00PM) or good evening”
  • There is no need to shake hand with all the individuals, don’t become formal (kea haal hay, kaysay hain ap etc.) while entering in the room take a deep examine of room and all individuals.
  • Mold yourself as per the situation and their moods. Don’t make tick tick with your ballpoint, don’t put your hands over the table, don’t sit on the chair with cross legs, don’t bow shape on chair. Be active and vigilant and don’t play with your fingers, glass, tissue etc.
  • Remember “Don’t answer in one word or few words. Make sentences logically like a beautiful garland made of flowers.
  • Don’t look here and there during interview, if he/she asks you to speak then don’t
    stop speaking if he/she busy and stand up, until he/she stops you.
  • Full of confidence (that you are the only person who is for this post, fight for your
    future, strive for your right ).
  •  Make proper eye contact, and don’t tell a lie during interview.
  • Don’t argue, be to the point. He/she knows more than you .
  • Listen the interviewer attentively, 1st listen then reply, don’t be shy, overconfident
    and over smart.
  • Act/do as the interviewer told you (don’t look at that time over your degree, dignity and caste).
  • Selection of words should be graceful and elegant for answering the questions.
  • Speak only when he/she allow you to speak, and speak what he/she wants to hear!
  • Your voice must be clear and polite.
  • During interview keep it in your mind that you are here to achieve your goals and seeking for a job. Be serious!
  • Most probably, interviewer will check your confidence and how you react at his/her question. You are already qualified person and maybe he/she ask you about any course relevant/irrelevant question, to check your IQ level.
  • Always give positive answer to negative based questions.
  • If in a panel one interviewer is your known personality, then don’t disclose it during interview, it will give you bad impression, negative confidence and negative marking by others!

How to end an Interview

  • At the end when they allow you to go then, leave your seat without any noise and leave the room saying Thank You with smile . Don’t drag your shoes and shut the door without any noise . Give a firm handshake and make confident eye contact when doing this.
  • Sometime interviewer may ask to the candidates , “Do you want know anything / wanna to ask something?  Make sure you have asked all your prepared questions about the job, company and management.
  • Ask for a business card from the interviewer to follow up and write a thank you note.

Most Common Question in Interview

First & Foremost question was “Introduce yourself”?

  • This is the most important point in interview, failing which can out you from the list. So give much time to know about yourself. Introduction not only meant by just qualification and experience, it should also cover your qualities and past experience briefly.
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