IIT JAM Mathematics Exam 2018

IIT JAM Mathematics (MA) Exam 2018. The JAM Mathematics 2018 online examination will be held on February as Computer Based Test (MA).  For Application Form, Admission /Notification, Result, Admit Card,  Please refer to IIT JAM 2018 Exam.

IIT JAM Mathematics (MA) Exam 2018

IIT JAM Mathematics Exam 2018

IIT JAM Mathematics Exam 2018

Exam Pattern

  • This Mathematics test paper has a total of 60 questions carrying 100 marks. The entire question paper is dividedinto three sections, A, B and C. All sections are compulsory. Questions in each section are of different types.

Mathematics (MA) Section – A

  •  Section – A contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Each MCQ type question has four choices out of which only one choice is the correct answer. This section has 30 Questions and carry a total of 50 marks. Q.1 – Q.10 carry 1 mark each and Questions Q.11 – Q.30 carry 2 marks each.

Mathematics (MA) Section – B

  • Section – B contains Multiple Select Questions (MSQ). Each MSQ type question is similar to MCQ but with a difference that there may be one or more than one choice(s) that are correct out of the four given choices. The candidate gets full credit if he/she selects all the correct choices only and no wrong choices. This section has 10 Questions and carry 2 marks each with a total of 20 marks.

Mathematics (MA) Section – C

  • Section – C contains Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. For these NAT type questions, the answer is a real number which needs to be entered using the virtual numerical keypad on the monitor. No choices will be shown for these type of questions. This section has 20 Questions and carry a total of 30 marks. Q.1 – Q.10 carry 1 mark each and Questions Q.11 – Q.20 carry 2 marks each.

Mathematics (MA) Negative Marking

  • Section – A (MCQ): wrong answer will result in NEGATIVE marks. For all 1 mark questions, 1/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. For all 2 marks questions, 2/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  • In Section – B (MSQ), there is NO NEGATIVE and NO PARTIAL marking provisions. There is NO
    NEGATIVE marking in Section – C (NAT) as well.

IIT JAM Mathematics MA Syllabus


  • Sequences and Series of Real Numbers: Sequences and series of real numbers, Convergent and divergent sequences, bounded and monotone sequences, Convergence criteria for sequences of real numbers, Cauchy sequences, absolute  and conditional convergence; Tests of convergence for series of positive terms – comparison test, ratio test, root test; Leibnitz test for convergence of alternating series.
  • Functions of One Variable: limit, continuity, differentiation, Rolle’s Theorem, Mean value theorem. Taylor’s theorem. Maxima and minima.
  • Functions of  Two Real Variables: limit, continuity, partial derivatives, differentiability, maxima and minima. Method of Lagrange multipliers, Homogeneous functions including Euler’s theorem.
  • Integral Calculus: Integration as  the  inverse process  of  differentiation, definite  integrals  and  their properties, Fundamental theorem of integral calculus. Double and triple integrals, change of order of integration. Calculating surface areas and volumes using double integrals and applications. Calculating volumes using triple integrals and applications.
  • Differential Equations: Ordinary differential equations of the first order of the form y’=f(x,y). Bernoulli’s equation,  exact   differential  equations,  integrating   factor,   Orthogonal  trajectories,  Homogeneous differential equations-separable solutions, Linear differential equations of second and higher order with constant coefficients, method of variation of parameters. Cauchy-Euler equation.
  • Vector Calculus: Scalar and vector fields, gradient, divergence, curl and Laplacian. Scalar line integrals and vector line integrals, scalar surface integrals and vector surface integrals, Green’s, Stokes and Gauss theorems and their applications.
  • Group Theory: Groups, subgroups, Abelian groups, non-abelian groups, cyclic groups, permutation groups; Normal subgroups, Lagrange’s Theorem for finite groups, group homomorphisms and basic concepts of quotient groups (only group theory).
  • Linear Algebra: Vector spaces, Linear dependence of vectors, basis, dimension, linear transformations, matrix representation with respect to an ordered basis, Range space and null space, rank-nullity theorem; Rank  and  inverse of  a  matrix,    determinant, solutions of  systems of  linear  equations, consistency conditions. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Cayley-Hamilton theorem. Symmetric, skew-symmetric, hermitian, skew-hermitian, orthogonal and unitary matrices.
  • Real Analysis: Interior points, limit points, open sets, closed sets, bounded sets, connected sets, compact sets; completeness of R, Power series (of real variable) including Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s, domain of convergence, term-wise differentiation and integration of power series.

IIT JAM Mathematics Eligibility

Test paper -code Academic Programme(s) Institute(s) Minimum Educational Qualification(s) for Admission
Mathematics(MA) M.Sc. Mathematics / Mathematics andComputing IITH Bachelor’s Degree with Mathematics as one of the core subjects.




M.Sc. Mathematics and Computing






A  bachelor’s  (at  least  10+2+3)  degree  withmajor/honours in Mathematics and a minimum of 55% marks or 6.0 CPI on 10-point scale, without rounding off (50% marks or 5.5 CPI on10-point    scale,    without    rounding    off,    for SC/ST/PwD candidates) in major/honours only ORA bachelor’s (at least 10+2+3) degree* without major/honours in Mathematics but with Mathematics as a subject for two years/four semesters   and   a   minimum  60%   aggregate marks or 6.5 CPI on 10-point scale, without rounding off (55% aggregate marks or 6.0 CPI on 10-point scale, without rounding off, for SC/ST/PwD candidates).

* (including major/honours in Computer Science)

M.Sc. in Mathematics IITR Bachelor’s degree with Mathematics / Statistics as   a   subject   for   at   least   two   years/four semesters.
Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Mathematics IITBBS, IITKgp
M.Sc.- Ph.D. Dual Degree inOperations Research IITB
M.Sc.- Ph.D. Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering IITB Bachelor’s degree with any one of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics for two years/four semesters, and any one of the other four subjects for at least one year/two semesters. The candidate should have passed Mathematics at Higher Secondary (10 +2) level.
M.Sc.- Ph.D. Dual Degree in Energy IITB Bachelor’s degree with any one of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics for two years/four semesters  and any one of the remaining two subjects for at least one year/ two semesters.
Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D in Atmosphere andOcean Sciences IITBBS Bachelor’s  degree  with  Mathamatics  and Physics and any one of these subjects among Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Application, Geology and Statistics.
M.Sc. in Mathematics IITJ Bachelor’s   degree   with   Mathematics   as   asubject for three years/six semesters and should have passed Mathematics at the Higher Secondary (10+2) level.
Mathematical Statistics(MS) Integrated Ph.D. in MathematicalSciences IISc Bangalore Bachelor’s  degree  in  Science  or  Engineering with Mathematics as a subject for three years or six semesters.
Mathematics Integrated Ph.D. in MathematicalSciences IISc Bangalore Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering withmathematics  as  a  subject  for  three  years/six semesters.
Integrated Ph.D. in Biological Sciences IISc Bangalore Bachelor’s  degree  in  Biology  or  Chemistry  orPhysics  or  Mathematics  with  Biology  at  theHigher Secondary (10+2) level.
M.Sc. Mathematics IITB, IITD, IITGN, IITI, IITK, IITM, IITRPR Bachelor’s   degree   with   Mathematics   as   asubject for at least two years/four semesters.

Old Question Papers

JAM Mathematics Previous Year Question Papers 

  • Here you can find all of the IIT JAM Mathematics previous year question papers answers are free of cost students can download these papers for Science Entrance preparation. This Year on 2015 IIT JAM Mathematics written test was conducted , the paper is available with us. Any Candidates who has Last IIT JAM Mathematics 10 to 20 Years previous solution can share with us.

 Previous Year

 Question Papers

 Solution / Answer Keys




































IIT JAM Mathematics Model Papers 2018:

  • JbigDeaL provides Sample Question Papers with answers for 2018 for IIT JAM Mathematics (MA) Test Exam 2018 along with a question bank. Some of the question may be from out of syllabus. This sample papers doesn’t means to actual paper. Its just for better preparation and test you knowledge in IIT JAM Mathematics  related exams.

IIT JAM Mathematics Mock Test:

  • IIT JAM MCQ Mathematics Questions Answers for Science Test. This mock test having 25 question each, with four choices. On each click on answers system will tell you where the answers is correct or incorrect. There many online practice set of IIT JAM MA question answers quiz.

JAM Mathematics Books / Study Materials:

  • There are so many books for IIT JAM Mathematics (MA) 2018 exam preparation, but i must say you should have latest two types of book one for JAM Mathematics Last 10 or 20 years question with solution and another book is for Mathematics 2018 syllabus wise subjects description and solution. We have found some best books in online you can check below.

IIT JAM MA 2018 Books

IIT JAM Ma 2018 Study Materials

IIT JAM MA 2018 Books IIT JAM Ma 2018 Study Materials

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