Tips: How to make Resume or CV for Fresher

How to make Resume or CV for Fresher Latest Tips and format for Resume or CV for any job interview purpose. This is the most simple Resume or CV for Fresher.

Well, as I said, when I have gone through your resume, I found most of the resume (some of you may call it CV) does not have proper format, now I am going to tell you how you will design it.

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How to make Resume or CV for Fresher

Note: This is only for Fresher, and anyone from any stream can follow this. Now I am dividing a resume in different sections as follows.

Section I – of your Resume

  • This is just the beginning for your resume starts with you Name, Email, Mobile Number as follows.

Your Name
E-mail ID-____________-Contact No:___________
City: ________________-State:____________________

Section II- Objective 

  • Here  I would prefer to go with Objective instead of Summary , I personally feel that Objective is better for freshers as you do not have any work experiences.
  • TIPS : Remove unnecessary words. Don’t write more than 30 words. So your career objective should state that you are looking to join a company / organizational /  e.t.c that would give you a chance to learn more and therefore enhance your skills in the said field.

Example of Objective

  • To work in an organization (As a [Name of the position] ) that provides me with an opportunity to grow and learn, and help me to achieve my as well as organizational goals.


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Technical (Software ) Skills (For IT and Engineering Students)

  • Prog Languages, Database, (Only put the name of the subjects, which you know very well or you are confident about those paper.)



Section III- Experience or Academic Project (if you have any)

  • If you have any Academic Project Exp. / Internship then write it with these points “Project Title” , Description , Technology/Platform (that you have used).

Section IV-Education

  • Section IV: Education: stats with highest level degree like if you have Master’s Degree, then Graduation, then 12th and so on.

Example : How to write education qualification:

  • Master Degree – Pursuing OR Completed MCA or MA OR ME OR M.Com (Full Form of your degree) From University Name, College Name. Season – Year to Year

Pursuing Master of Computer Application (MCA) ( 5th semester ) (2013-2016)
Master of Computer Application-MCA (2012-2015)

University: :Name of your University-City  College :Name of your College – City, Average Percentage : 00.00%

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
00% 00% 00%
Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6
00% 00% 00%

Bachelor of Science (BSc).[Subject Name], (Year-Year)

University: :Name of your University-City  College :Name of your College – City Average Percentage : 00.00%

1st Year-(Part I) 2nd Year-(Part II) 3rd Year (Part III)
00% 00% 00%

Name-  ______________
City- ________    Board Name -________

Class Board-Name Percentages Year
XII CBSE 00% 2006
X CBSE 00% 2004

Section V: Achievements/Certificates/Participation

This section is related to your Field / stream/ subject only :
Stats with Current Achievements like as follows also  use bold/highlight on point important.
Year-2015: …………………..[Like won Quiz competition on your field ]
Year 2014:……………………[Like Awarded by your school/college/university for some purpose]
Year 2013……………………..

Section VI: Extra Curricular Activities

Section VI: Extra Curricular Activities (that is not related to your profession / stream/ subject only)
-Stats with current Activities like
Year-2015: …………………..[Like you won Dance, Singing, e.t.c. competition,  ]
Year 2014:……………………[Computer Diploma]
Year 2013……………………..[Read, Write, Speak any other Language]

Section VII: Your Postal Address

(In case of reference, you may include all reference name here otherwise just write your address only).

How to Write a Resume -Tips & Tricks

  • ** At the end of the resume DON’T write i hereby declare….
  • **Avoid fancy fonts. Prepare your resume in 10-point or 11-point (size) Arial or Times Roman front-face. Use only black color.
  • ** Check very carefully Spelling or grammar.
  • ** Ask a friend. Another pair of eyes really helps here, so ask a friend to look it over and give you feedback.
  • **Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with underlining, italicizing and bolding. When used sparingly, it will highlight what’s really important.
  • **Objective If the objective statement doesn’t match the job you’re applying for, your resume is likely to end up in the bin. It’s important to customize the objective so it expresses your goals and keeps the HR manager interested in learning more about you. Don’t be vague! Remember, your resume is a marketing tool and that begins with a clear, concise objective.
  • ** Don’t use short form, while writing CV, use always full form eg. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) dont write only CBSE.
  • **Please make 2-3 types resume for different types of Job, edit the resume according when you apply . (keep your resume in two format pdf and doc).
Most Important: 
Whatever you wrote in your resume, Interviewer / HR will ask question from the same. For e.g. You wrote, you have done computer diploma course, so might ask you “what is computer?. OR you wrote “You have completed 3rd year in Classical Dancing or Singing”. Now prepare for Singing or Dancing because they love see it. Or prepare for question they might ask you in these fields.

These are the points that i can remember now, If i get some more points, i will write this in page only, so check this page …once in a week. and bookmark it. press (Ctrl + D).

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