TUEE Certificate Course In Chinese Model Question Paper

TUEE 2016 Tezpur University Admission & Entrance Exam 2016 Certificate Course In Chinese Exam Model Question Papers

One-year Certificate Course In Chinese (full Time)

Model Questions for Entrance Examination

Full Marks : 100                  Time : 2 hours

Part I – English Grammar


(A) Change the Parts of Speech of the following words as directed in the parentheses: (5´1=5)

  1. Strong (into Noun) 2. Suffice (into Adjective)
  2. Practical (into Verb) 4. Extend (into Adverb)
  3. Destroy (into Noun)

(B) Give the opposite words for the following: (5´1=5)

  1. Best 2. Able
  2. Visible 4. Management
  3. Technical

(C) Change the following Affirmative sentences into Negative ones keeping the meanings intact:

  1. Only a kind man can act thus. 2. She is the best in her class. (5´1=5)
  2. Jack is sometimes foolish. 4. Everybody will agree to my opinion.
  3. A poor man’s life is hard.

(D) Change the following Assertive sentences into Interrogative ones keeping the meanings intact:

  1. Everybody loves his country. 2. He was a fool to act thus. (5´1=5)
  2. No one can trust such a liar. 4. I will never forget those happy days in school.
  3. It does not matter if he comes.

(E) Choose suitable prepositions from the parentheses to fill up the blanks: (5´1=5)

  1. He is not able to cope ________ the situation. (with/in)
  2. Jim is dull_________ Mathematics. (in/at)
  3. Elizabeth is engaged___________ Mr. McDonald. (to/with)
  4. Jack has brought disgrace _________ his whole family. (for/to)
  5. Mr. Smith died __________ illness.(of/by)

(F) Change the Gender of the following nouns: (5´1=5)

  1. Duke 2. Widow
  2. Hunter 4. Cow
  3. Host

(G) Change the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs given within the parentheses:

  1. Mr. Thomson and his family____________ London tonight. (leave) (5´1=5)
  2. They _____________ John for several months. (see)
  3. Ruby ______________ here since 1991. (work)
  4. Mr. Jones ______________ the letter before his friend comes. (write)
  5. Simon ______________ to Scotland 30 years ago. (go)

(H) Write a letter (in not more than 200 words) – (15)

  1. To your friend abroad describing an Indian festival you are fond of.


  1. To your father/mother explaining why you want to learn a foreign language.


  1. To the editor of a newspaper about the problems of blindly imitating the West.

(I) Write an essay (in not more than 300 words) on any one of the following: (20)

  1. Environmental pollution 2. Globalization and India
  2. National integration 4. The role of media in the Indian society

(J) Read the following text carefully and answer the questions given below: (10)

It is a matter of common knowledge that in underdeveloped countries such as India with a growing population, there is an unusual pressure on land cultivation. Here, more people are engaged in agriculture partly or wholly than are necessary.

What is the result? When more people are engaged in agriculture than are really needed for the purpose, they are really surplus. If they are withdrawn from the rural areas and put in other occupations and professions it will not mean any decrease in agricultural output. On the other hand, it might increase, as it is said, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. In absolute terms the total volume of rural unemployment is much larger than that of any other country. No wonder, it poses the most challenging problem for the planners to tackle.

  1. Suggest a suitable title for the text. 2
  2. In which literary category would you classify the text- 2
  3. A report ii. A story

iii. An advertisement           iv. An essay

  1. Complete the following sentence with words or phrases that best suit the context. Choose from the alternatives suggested: 3×2=6
  2. In India there are many more people engaged in land cultivation than are-
  3. a) demanded   b) needed
  4. c) expected
  5. “They are really surplus” means-
  6. a) there are too many of them b) they are really useless
  7. c) they are really needed

iii. India has the largest number of-

  1. a) unemployed persons in the urban areas
  2. b) unemployed persons in the village areas
  3. c) unemployed persons in the planning department


Part II – General knowledge on China


(K) Answer the questions (any ten): (10×2 =20)

  1. What is the staple food of the Chinese people?
  2. When was the People’s Republic of China founded?
  3. Name a famous Chinese poet.
  4. Name a great philosopher of China.
  5. Name the last dynasty of China.
  6. Name one mountain range of China.
  7. Name the sea to the east of China.
  8. Name three neighbouring countries of China.
  9. Name the national animal of China.
  10. Which is the longest river of China?
  11. Name the Indian Prime Minister who visited China in 1993.
  12. Name the Chinese President who visited India in 1996.

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