M. A. In Cultural Studies Question Papers

TUEE 2017 Tezpur University Admission & Entrance Exam 2017 M. A. in Cultural Studies Exam Model Question Papers

M. A. In Cultural Studies
Model Questions for Entrance Examination

Maximum Marks : 100                                                                                 Time : 2 hours

The Written Test consists of the following :

(i) General information on North East India particularly of Assam.

(ii) Elementary knowledge about the artistic heritage of India with particular emphasis on North East India.

(iii) An essay to be written, on a topic of contemporary and general interest.

Moreover, short answer / objective type questions will be set mostly on General Knowledge relating to Art, History, Culture, Literature, Language, Contemporary events etc.

  1. Locate the following spots shown in the map of India supplied herewith :

(a) Mysore            (b) Varanasi

  1. Label the names of three SAARC countries in the map supplied.
  2. Write an essay on

(i) 17th FIFA World Cup or               (ii) The Computer.

  1. Deabbreviate – ISRO, ASEAN.
  2. Name the authors of – War and Peace, Mrityunjay.
  3. Choose the correct answer :

(a) Patua menas – scroll painter / glodmith / carpenter.

(b) Ramcharitnamas was composed by – Madhabdev / Tulsidas / Chaitanyadev.

  1. Answer :

(a) Name one philosopher-scientist of ancient India.

(b) Name the only Indian recipient of a prize for peace.

  1. Choose the right match : Manipur Onam

Tamil                     Laiharaoba

Kerela                    Kuchipudi

Andhra                  Pongal

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