TUEE M.Tech. in Electronics Design & Technology Model Question Papers

TUEE 2016 Tezpur University Admission & Entrance Exam 2016 M.Tech. in Electronics Design & Technology Exam Model Question Papers

M.Tech. in Electronics Design & Technology

Model Questions for Entrance Examination

Full Marks :100                                               Time :2 Hours

Section A

  1. Darlington paris are frequently used in linear ICs because they
  2. resemble emitter followers.
  3. can be readily formed from two adjacent transistors.
  4. have enormous impedance transformation capability.
  5. none of the above.
  6. A free wheeling diode in a phase controlled converter

(a) causes smoothing of load current.

(b) improves the converter p.f

(c) reduces the current rating of the SCRs

(d) does all the above

  1. For telephonic conversation the Bandwidth required is approximately

(a) 1KHz

(b) 6KHz

(c) 3KHz

(d) 8KHz

  1. In the BPSK Scheme the number of transmitted symbols are

(a) 4


(c) 6

(d) 8

  1. MSK gives the minimum separation of two frequencies used for transmission based on the principle of
  2. power levels
  3. orthogonality

c.noise levels

  1. centre frequency
  2. In a mobile communication system , frequncy reuse is accomplished by employing

(a) a good modulation scheme

(b) a low noise amplifier

(c) a cellular structure

(d) an efficient coding system

  1. In digital data communication, the type of transmission in which binary code is transmitted by shifting a carrier frequency between two preset frequencies is called

(a) FSK


(c) PSK

(d) DPSK

  1. ATM uses a fixed -frame structure called

(a) a header

(b) a cell

©a byte

(d) an octet

  1. A time delay t0 in a signal of frequency w

(a) changes its phase spectrum by wto

(b) changes its phase spectrum by -wto

(c) changes both amplitude spectrum and phase spectrum by wto

(d) none of these

  1. In order to achieve the same time dealy , higher frequency sinusoids must undergo

( a) lower phase shifts

(b) higher phase shifts

(c) no phase shifts

(d) none of these

  1. In CMOS technology the static power dissipation is

(a) low

(b) high

(c) depend on design

(d) none of these

  1. In VLSI technology the most commonly used pull up is

(a) load resistance

(b) nMOS E-mode

(c) C-MOS

(d) none of these

  1. The trapped charges in the oxide of a N-channel E-MOS normally

(a) increases V TH

(b) decreases VTH

(c) do not effect VTH

(d) none of these

  1. If we touch the gate terminal of a MOSFET,the ESD may damage the device by breaking down the

(a) drain substrate junction

(b)oxide layer

(c) both                  (a) & (b)

(d) insulator – semiconductor interface

  1. Alieasing distortion occurs

(a) if a signal is sampled at a rate lower than the Nyquist rate

(b)if a signal is sampled at a rate higher than the Nyquist rate

(c) if a signal is quantigied with less number of bits

(d) if the reconstruction D to A converter does not have proper Low pass filter

  1. Which of the following is not a property of DTFT X(w)

(a) X (w) is 2 p periodic

(b) X (w) is always real

(c) X (w) is inevitable

(d) X (w) contains information about the corresponding analog spectrum

  1. A digital signal has redundancy if

(a) the samples are correlated

(b) all the values of the samples occur with unequal probability

(c) a sample can be predicted from the previous sample

(d) all the above

  1. VCO generates

(a) an output voltage

(b) an output frequency

(c) an output current

(d) none of these

  1. Compensation of a second order system is useally done to

(a) increase its damping ratio

(b) decrease its damping ratio

(c) increase the time constant

(d) decrease the time constant

Section B


20 Design an asynchronous ripple counter of mod -10 using JK flip flop.

  1. A 10 bit bipolar successive approximation type ADC with a reference voltage of +5 volts works from a clock of 10 MHz. Determine the resolution , maximum conversion error and maximum time of conversion.
  2. A copper – Constantine thermocouple of sensitivity 40 mV/0C is heated to a temperature of 2000C with reference junction temperature at 250C.The output voltage is amplified by an amplifier of gain 100 and then displayed in a 31/2 digit multimeter. What is the displayed voltage and find also the resolution.

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