TUEE M.Tech. In Energy Technology Model Question Papers

TUEE 2016 Tezpur University Admission & Entrance Exam 2016 M.Tech. In Energy Technology Exam Model Question Papers

M.Tech. In Energy Technology

Model Questions for Entrance Examination

Maximum Marks : 100                                                                                 Time : 2 hours

The written test consists of the following sections

  1. General Aptitude in Energy :50 marks B. Mathematics : 20 marks
  2. Physics : 15 marks D. Chemistry : 15 marks

Total Marks : 100 Time : 2 hours


 (General Aptitude in Energy)

  1. Choose the correct answer (Use ü mark) (1×30)
  2. Thermocouple sensors used for measurement of temperature are of the type
  3. a) J.K.S and T b) A.C.N.and P c) K,L,T and U     d) None of these
  4. The alternative fuel used in automobiles is
  5. a) Alcohol b) Glycol c) Benzol               d) None of these
  6. Expand the following (1×10)
  7. BEE
  8. CFC

lll. Fill in the blanks (1×10)

  1. Solar radiation consists of visible as well as ……….parts of electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Green house effect leads to increase in the global mean………….



Attempt the following (4×5)

  1. Evaluate
  2. Find the maximum and minimum values of (x-1)(x-2)(x-3)



Attempt the following (3×5)

  1. A Carnot engine has an efficiency of 22%It operates between constant temperature reservoirs differing in temperature by 750C. What are the temperatures of the two reservoirs?
  2. Light strikes a sodium surface causing photoelectric emission. The stopping potential for the ejected electrons is 5.0 V and the work function of sodium is 2.2 eV . What is the wavelength of incident light?



Attempt the following (3×5)

  1. What is meant by ‘Octane number’ of Gasoline? Mention the name of some additives that are used for increasing the octane number.
  2. What is the pHof 10-8 N HCL ?

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