TUEE Msc. In Applied Chemistry Question Papers

TUEE 2016 Tezpur University Admission & Entrance Exam 2016 Msc. In Applied Chemistry Exam Model Question Papers

Msc. In Applied Chemistry

Model Questions for Entrance Examination

Total Marks : 100          

   No negative marks, for wrong answers                  

Time : 2 hours

  1. One kilowatt-hour is equal to
  2. a) 3.6 x 105 J b) 3.6 x 106 J
  3. c) 3.6 x 1012 J d) 3.6 x 102 J x2
  4. If y=ò cost dt, then dy/dx is equal to 0
  5. 2x cosx2 b) -2x cosx2
  6. c) -2x sinx2 d) 2x sinx2
  7. If BELIEF is written as afkkdi, how is SELDOM written in the code ?
  8. rdkcnl b) tfenp
  9. c) rfkenn d) rfkjnp
  10. What will be the degree of polymerization of polyethylene of average molecular weight of 56000?
  11. What happens when fatty acid reacts with SOCl2 ?
  12. Calculate the degree of freedom in a system containing solid CaCO3 and CaO and CO2 gas?
  13. Does He2 molecule exist? Justify your answer.
  14. Write down the chemical structure of monomer of each of the following polymers:

Polymethyl acrylate and Polypropylene

  1. What is the main product of nitration of nitrobenzene and why it is so ?
  2. Give the set of quantum numbers that describe an electron in a 3p orbital.
  3. Describe how the origin of viscosity for gases and liquid are different.

12.Osmotic pressure of dil. aqueous solution of NaCl remarkably differs from ideal behaviour. Why?

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