Vizag Steel Electrical Engineering Sample Question Papers

We have tried to find all the Vizag Steel Previous Year Electrical Engineering Question Papers with Answer Keys for Junior Trainee  and Management Trainee Posts. But we only found Electrical Paper Sample Question Papers. So we have upload the Electrical Engineering question papers in PDF format for free download.

Vizag Steel Electrical Sample Question Papers 

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  1. Which of the following is only a power electronics component?
    (A) thyristor (B) diode
    (C) transistor (D) none of these
  2.  What type of instrument is used to measure dc voltage of the order 5 volts?
    (A) moving iron type (B) electro-static type
    (C) moving coil type (D) all of these
  3. Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient?
    (A) brass (B) mercury
    (C) electrolytes (D) silver
  4. Fibre glass insulation can be used up to temperature of
    (A) 60°C (B) 80°C
    (C) 130°C (D) 180°
  5. In an oil filled transformer, oil is provided for
    (A) cooling (B) insulation
    (C) lubrication (D) both (A) and (B)

Vizag Steel Junior Trainee Electrical Topics

  • Maintenance and repairing of measurement instrument, Basic Electrical Engg., Basic
    Electronics, Motor (AC and DC) concepts, (practical). Domestic and Industrial Wiring,
    Power System Basics, Transformer System, Basic of Power Electronics, Electrical Drives
    (maintenance and repairing), Maths, Electrical Drawing.

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