Vizag Steel Electronics and Instrumentation Sample Question Papers

We have tried to find all the Vizag Steel Previous Year Electronics and Instrumentation  Question Papers with Answer Keys for Junior Trainee  and Management Trainee Posts. But we only found Electronics and Instrumentation Paper Sample Question Papers. So we have upload the Electronics and Instrumentation question papers in PDF format for free download.

Vizag Steel Electronics and Instrumentation Sample Question Papers 

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1. A transistor has ________ number of terminals.
(A) 2 (B) 3
(C) 1 (D) 4

2. Armature of an electrical machine is the
(A) stator part of the machine (B) rotor part of the machine
(C) yoke of the machine (D) none of these

3. In flame atomizer the sample is converted into fine spray by
(A) burner (B) fuel
(C) nebulizer (D) none of these

4. The basic limitation of a P-action only controller is
(A) very slow error correction (B) high overshoot
(C) non-zero offset (D) instability of process

5. Which valve is most commonly used for throttling service?
(A) glove valve (B) needle valve (C) ball valve (D)

6. An R – S latch is a
A. combinational circuit B. synchronous sequential circuit
C. one bit memory element D. one clock delay element

7. A half wave diode rectifier uses a diode having forward resistance of 50 ohms.
The load resistance is also 50 ohms. Then the voltage regulation is
A. 25% B. 50%
C. 100% D. 200%

Vizag Steel Junior Trainee Electronics and Instrumentation


  • Maintenance and repairing of measurement devices, TV, Radio, PCB Making, Medical
    Instrument Repairing, Basic Electrical Engg., Basic Electronic Engg. Maths.

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