Vizag Steel General Aptitude Model Question Papers

We have tried to find all the Vizag Steel Previous Year General Aptitude Paper Question Papers with Answer Keys for Junior Trainee  and Management Trainee Posts. But we only found General Aptitude Paper Sample Question Papers. So we have upload the General Aptitude question papers in PDF format for free download.

Vizag Steel General Aptitude Model Paper Question Papers 

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1. Select the related words from the given alternatives:
weight : kilogram : :
(A) mile : length (B) bushel : corn
(C) distance : kilometre (D) seconds : hours

2. The earliest known Indian script is
(A) Mori (B) Devanagiri (C) Brahmi (D) Kharosh

3. Which is the greatest number less than 10,000 divisible by 48, 60 and 64?
(A) 9600 (B) 9552
(C) 9664 (D) 9720

4. Which state is the largest producer of tobacco?
(A) Karnataka (B) Maharashtra
(C) Bihar (D) Andhra Pradesh

5. Fill in the blank with the appropriate preposition
Let us go ______________ foot.
(A) by (B) upon
(C) with (D) on

6. What number should come next in the series? 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, ……….
(A) 10 (B) 12
(C) 13 (D) 14

7. Think of a number, divide it by 4 and add 9 to it, the result is 15. Find the number.
(A) 96 (B) 24
(C) 36 (D) 48

8. This is ____ old-fashioned approach.
A) A B) An
C) The D) No article required

9. If ARUNI is written as BSVOJ, how will SAROJ be written?

10. A man divides Rs.52,500 between his son and his daughter in the ratio 6:9. How much did his daughter get?
A) Rs.21000 B) Rs.31500
C) Rs.40000 D) None of the options

11. In an office, all employees either have tea or coffee or both. 300 drink coffee, 250 drink tea and 110 drink both the beverages. How many employees are there in the office?
A) 300 B) 360 C) 400 D) 440

12. Because of ____ bad weather, we had to stay at home
A) The B) An
C) A D) No article required

13. Three labourers earn Rs.180 in 12 days. How much will six labourers earn in 9 days?
A) Rs.120 B) Rs.250
C) Rs.270 D) Rs.90

14. In India next to Hindi, the biggest linguistic unit is ─
A. Urdu B. Telugu
C. Tamil D. Bengali

15. Drinking is injurious for health. Why don’t you give it _______?
A. Away B. in
C. up D. off

16. The sum of two integers is (+ 62). If one of the integers is (– 48), what is the other integer?
A. 101 B. 110
C. 011 D. 100

17. Wax : Candle :: ? : Paper
A. Tree B. Bamboo
C. Pulp D. Wood

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