Vizag Steel Mechanical Engineering Sample Question Papers

We have tried to find all the Vizag Steel Previous Year Mechanical Engineering Question Papers with Answer Keys for Junior Trainee  and Management Trainee Posts. But we only found Mechanical Paper Sample Question Papers. So we have upload the Mechanical Engineering question papers in PDF format for free download.

Vizag Steel Mechanical Sample Question Papers 

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  1. Which of the following is the natural abrasive
    (A) Al2O3 (B) SiC
    (C) boron carbide (D) corundum
  2. Generally bearing bushes are made of
    (A) copper (B) white metal
    (C) gun metal (D) brass
  3. Blast furnace uses the following as fuel
    (A) coal (B) coke
    (C) diesel (D) producer
  4. Best conductor of heat and electricity is
    (A) nickel (B) copper
    (C) chromium (D) aluminium
  5. Arc welding uses following electric supply
    (A) ac (B) dc
    (C) both ac and dc (D) spiral waveform

Vizag Steel Junior Trainee Mechanical Engineering Topics

  • 1. Units of measurement for length, volume and weight.
  • 2. Use of measuring instruments and type of instruments.
  • 3. Types of threads and their specific uses.
  • 4. Types of Gear Teeth and Specific uses.
  • 5. Basic calculation for change gears in lathes to cut different types of thread.
  • 6. Tools for use in lathe, milling machine, shaping machine.
  • 7. Form of bolts and nuts.
  • 8. Types keys and cotter joints and their specific uses.
  • 9. Shaft couplings–types and uses.
  • 10. Belt and Pulleys–types and uses
  • 11. Welding and welded joints.

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