WB SET 2015 Application Form – How to Apply

WB SET September 2015 Application Form – How to Apply



Candidates should apply only online through www.examinationonline.in/wbcscportal from 1st September, 2015 12 noon

  1. 1. Before applying, please be ready with scanned images of your photograph and signature ( see the instruction on photo/signature upload)
  2. 2. A valid e-mail ID and Mobile Number are mandatory for registration and email ID should be kept active at least till the examination process is over. You are advised to read “Advertisement” and “How To Apply” carefully and then fill the online application form with utmost care as no correspondence regardingchanges/modifications will be entertained later.
  3. 3. You are first required to visit the above-mentioned website and Click “Apply for SET.

This will redirect you to a page where following information are available:

  1. Advertisement b.    How To Apply
  2. c. Important dates

After going through above information, please click on “Click here to apply Online

  • 4. The main page shows each step to be followed. Perform the steps one by one to complete your online registration proc It’s a sequential process where the next step will  only  get  activated  after  successful  completion  of  the  previous  step. Therefore, please complete each step carefully and validate your candidature.
  • 5. Please enter your details in the correct place and while entering data please follow the sequence of the registration form to get better output.
  • 6. Once the form is filled up, please save your details by clicking “Save Data” and have a look at the ‘Preview’. If the details entered by you are correct, click on “Submit”.
  • 7. Otherwise click on “Edit” to modify your details and perform the action as mentioned  in point 8.
  • 8. Once you click on “Submit”(this submission explicitly indicates that no further changes/modification will be allowed), the system will save the data and register you. You will get  a  Registration  No  and  a  Password  for  you.Please  note  it  for future referenc  The  system  will  also  send  an  email  indicating  your  password.  (So,  be careful while entering your email id during filling up online application form)
  • 9. You are      now      a      registered      candidat      Please      visit      our sitewww.examinationonline.in/wbcscportal again and login with your registration number and password to upload your photograph and signature as per the instructions given below.The online application will be considered as incomplete without the photograph and signature upload.
  • i) Off-line Mode : Two copies of the payment Challan will be displayed. Take a print-out of the Challan However, you will have to wait for at least two working days (after uploading your photo  and  signature  successfully)  before  the  Bank  accepts  your payment. Payment will be accepted in any branch of United Bank of India in India only after a lag of at least two working days.
  • 10. Mode of Fee Payment: You are now in Step-III. Clicking on ‘Pay Fees (Step-III)’, you will be directed to a page where two options would be available which are Off-line Mode and Online Mode.
  • Collect the candidate’s copy of the fee payment Challan from the Branch. Please check that the Challan is properly signed and the necessary details like Branch Name, Transaction Number and deposit date have been noted in the challan by the Branch authorities.
  • The payment status of a candidate will be updated within three working days of making the payment. Please visit your page (using your Registration number and Password again) to see the payment status. The online application process becomes complete only after the payment status shows that the requisite fees have been paid. If, even after five days of making the payment, your page shows a “Not Paid” status, get in touch with us at the following mail id  wbcscfeedback@gmail.com
  • ii) Online Mode:There would be three options in online payment mode which are Credit Card, Debit Card  and  Internet  Bankin  Applicant  will  be  redirected  to  third  party payment gateway with the requisite amount to pay. After completion of payment it will be again redirected to  www.examinationonline.in/wbcscportal with a transaction id and transaction status. If transaction status is successful applicant may login into website again to check the updated payment status. If amount is debited from account/card and transaction is not successful,  applicant needs  to  wait two working days  to verify  payment  status  again in the website. If payment status still shows “Not Paid”, get in touch with us at the following mail id  wbcscfeedback@gmail.com
  • 11. After completing the online application, candidates should take a print out of the application form (Step IV in the main page) and RETAIN the printout, but NEED NOT send any hard copy to the Commission.
  • 12. The certificates/documents in original will be verified only in the case the candidate qualifies in the examination.

Note 1

Ø  Candidates are advised in their own interest to apply on-line well before the closing date and not towait till the last date for depositing the fee to avoid the possibility of link-related problems.The WBCSC does not assume any responsibility for the candidates not being able to submit theirapplications within the last date on account of the aforesaid reason or for any other reason beyond the control of the WBCSC.

Ø  In case a candidate does not have a valid personal e-mail ID, they should create a new one before applying on-line.

Ø  Since certain fields are firm, fixed andcannot be edited, candidates are requested to fill in the online application form with utmost careas no correspondence regarding

Ø  Change of details will be entertained. A preview option has been provided which

should be carefully utilized before one finally ‘submits’ the application.

Ø  For any clarification/queries contact us :

HELP DESK mail ID          wbcscfeedback@gmail.com

HELP DESK PHONE NO. 7044349699

Instruction on Photo/Signature Upload

Before applying online a candidate will be required to have a scanned (digital) image of his/her photograph and signature as per the specifications given below.

(i) Photograph Image:

  • Photograph must be a recent passport style colour picture.
  • Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable. Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.
  • Dimensions 200 x 230 pixels (preferred)
  • Size of file should be less than 20kb.

(ii)Signature Imaging :

  • The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink/Ballpoint pen.
  • Dimensions 140 x 60 pixels (preferred)
  • Size of file should be less than 10kb

Scanning the photograph & signature:

(1) The image file should be JPG or JPEG format. An example file name is: image01.jpg or image01.jpeg. Image dimensions can be checked by listing the folder files or moving the mouse over the file image icon.

Candidates using MS Windows/MSOffice can easily obtain photo and signature in .jpeg format not exceeding 20KB& 10KB respectively by using MS Paint or MSOffice Picture Manager. Scanned photograph and signature in any format can be saved in .jpg format by using ‘Save As’ option in the File menu and size can be reduced below 20KB(photograph) &10KB(signature) by using crop and then resize option (Please see point (i) & (ii) above for the pixel size) in the

‘Image’ menu. Similar options are available in other photo editors also.

If the file size and format are not as prescribed, an error message will be displayed.

While filling in the Online Application Form the candidate will be provided with a link to upload his photograph and signature.

Procedure for Uploading the Photograph and Signature :

  • There will be two separate browse buttons for uploading Photograph and


  • Click on the respective buttons “Upload Photograph / Signature”.
  • Browse and  Select  the  location  where  the  Scanned  Photograph  / Signature file has been saved.
  • Select the file by clicking on it.
  • Click the ‘Upload Files’ button.
  • Check whether the correct photo and signature have been uploaded. If ‘yes’, then click on ‘Verify and Submit’ button. If ‘not’, please select your correct photo and signature.
  • After the photo and signature are successfully uploaded, click on the ‘Back’ Button. You will go back to the Home page, where the ‘Pay Fees (Step III)’ button is now enabled. As already mentioned above, you will then go to the page displaying two copies of the Challan which youshould print and go to a branch ofUnited Bank of Indiato make the payment.

Note 2:

(1)  In case the face in the photograph or signature is unclear the candidate’s application may be rejected.

(2) Wrong information furnished in the online application may lead to rejection of your candidature. So, please make good use of the “PREVIEW” and “EDIT” options.

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