XAT Essay Topics For 2019 Including Previous Topics

XAT Essay Topics For 2019 and Previous Topics From 1999 to 2018. We have collected all XAT Essay Topics from the year of 1999 to till date. As per the direction of XLRI – Xavier School of Management, “Students are expected to write an essay of about 250-300 words in 20 minutes”. However, you may also check  XAT Exam Pattern 2019.

Latest XAT Essay Topics

XAT Essay Topics For 2019 and Previous Topics From 1999 to 2018

XAT Essay Topics For 2019

The following topics may cover the XAT 2019 essay, but I would suggest you check other resources online. We may update this page if we found some interesting topics for XAT exam.

  1. Donald Trump fake news soundboard.
  2. The trade war between US and China.
  3. Make in India and its impact on the Indian it industry.
  4. India becomes the world’s sixth largest economy.
  5. United States sanctions against Iran impact on Indian Oil.
  6. When The Weather Is Extreme, Is Climate Change To Blame?

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XAT Essay Topics Previous Year From 1999 to 2018


  • “Television really is, another eye so you can see anywhere, another part of your heart so you can feel and care about things you never felt and cared about before, another ear to hear strange music…. The first and only
    international language.”


  • Ships are safer in the harbour. But they are not meant for the same.


  • “Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence


  • “Indian Economy in the Post WTO Era.”


  • To give real service, one needs to add something that cannot be bought or measured, like sincerity and integrity.


  • Asked at the age of 83, as to which of his project would he choose as his masterpiece, Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect answered, “The next one”


  • More than one billion Indians: A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities.


  • India has one of the largest pool of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products.


  • Economic growth without environmental damage – a mirage or a reality.


  • Gender Bias: Cause of Third World War


  • The Inherent vice of Capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings and the inherent virtue of Socialism is equal sharing of misery


  • Earth provide enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed need


  • The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals would not only load himself with most unnecessary attention but assume an authority which could safely be trusted to no council and senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of man who has folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it.


  • Poverty is a big menace in India. Due to its complexity and magnitude, most of the government initiatives fail.
  • Poverty is a consequence of failure of government policies due to the fact that governments do not target the root causes.


  • Corruption is the root cause of economic slowdown in India.


  • “The most beautiful thing can neither be seen nor be touched but can only be felt.”


  • Listening is a dying art. We hardly listen to understand. We only listen to refute or reply.


  • Technology and Nature are natural enemies.


  • Globalization and Jingoism always coexist.


  • Ethical practices and sustainability: do they co-exist?

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