Current Affairs May 2013

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Current Affairs May 2013 - Question Answers

Current Affairs May 2013

Current Affairs May 2013 GK

1. Who has been elected as the chairman of Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development
Answer: P.J Kurien

2. ………., the developer of the first successful oral vaccination for Polio passed away recently?
Answer: Hilary Koprowski

3. The international Monetary Fund has recently recognized the Government of ………. After 22 years?
Answer: Somalia

4. The Indian-American economist who won the John Bates Clark Medal 2013?
Answer: Raj Chetty John Bates Clark Medal is awarded by the American EconomicAssociation. The award often described as the
‘Baby Nobel’, is considered by many economists to be second only to the Nobel Prize.

5. What is the full form of NOFN?
Answer: National Optical Fibre Network. The scheme recently approved by the Union Government will connect 2,50,000 Gram
Panchayats in the country through Optical Fibre Cable.

1. Iran in May 2013 gave ______________ news agency permission to reopen its Tehran bureau. The
work there was suspended in March 2012 over one of its video reports?
a) Reuters
c) PTI
d) Federal Agency on Press
Answer: (a) Reuters

Name the country that legalized Gay Marriage in May 2013?
a) Britain
b) France
c) Germany
d) USA
Answer: (b) France

 The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in May 2013 declared that it will start the work on world’s
biggest hydroelectric __________ dam on Congo River in October 2015?
a) Inga Dam
b) Three Gorges Dam
c) Congo Dam
d) Kiymbi Dam
Answer: (a) Inga Dam

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