Haryana GK & Current Affairs 2020 Question Answers

Haryana GK & Current Affairs 2020 Question Answers PDF Download. This page will deals with Haryana Current Affairs GK question answers that means student of Haryana state can get their latest General Knowledge question on their states, villages, cities e.t.c.

Haryana General Knowledge (GK) 2020 PDF

Haryana GK & Current Affairs 2020

Haryana GK & Current Affairs 2020

The following Haryana General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2020 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) question answers will be updated every month. This will helps all the candidates for preparing any Haryana govt. Jobs 2020 even Haryana state basis exam, where question comes from Haryana states only like HTET .

Haryana GK (General Knowledge)


1 November 1966



Largest city


Number of Districts


Name of Governor

Kaptan Singh Solanki

Current Chief Minister

Manohar Lal Khattar

 Area 17,070 sq mi

Population & Rank (2011)

25,353,081 & 18th Rank

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Haryana GK Question Answers

How the Haryana state is formed?

  • It was carved out of the former state of East Punjab on 1 November 1966 on the basis of language distribution.

What’s the meaning of Haryana?

  • The name Haryana may be derived from the Sanskrit words Hari (the Hindu god Vishnu) and ayana (home), meaning “the Abode of God”

Which is home to the largest and one of the oldest ancient Indus Valley Civilization sites ?

  • Rakhigarhi village in the Hisar district was a Bronze Age civilisation

Where and when the three battles of Panipat took place?

  • The three battles of Panipat took place near the modern town of Panipat in Haryana. The first battle took place in 1526, 1556 and 1761

Who is Balaji Baji Rao?

  • Baji Rao’s son, Balaji Baji Rao (popularly known as Nana Saheb), was an Indian, Maratha aristocrat, who led theCawnpore rebellion during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana?

  • Bhagwat Dayal Sharma became first Chief Minister of Haryana. ( From November 1966 to 23 March 1967)

Haryana Current Affairs 2020 Question Answers

Which government signed a MoU With China Fortune Land Development (CFLD) company for $5 Billion fund assistance for setting up this township? (July)

  • Answer : Haryana

Which project is inaugurated by the President Pranab Mukherjee in order to develop basic requirements in the major villages of India? (July)

    The core areas which are going to get transformed through this scheme are Farming, Construction, Electricity, Health care, Water resources, Manufacturing, Provision retailing and Logistics. The pilot project it is now introduced in five village panchayats of Haryana are Dhaula, Alipur, Harichandpur, Taj Nagar In Guragon District And Rojka Meo In Mewat District Of Haryana.

In which place, the Union government has set to extend support to the country’s first smart grid project? (July)

  • Answer –  Haryana

Based on the Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill, 2016 the Central Government set up the Regional Centre for Biotechnology Training and Education in which State? (June)

  • Answer –  Haryana

Which state has announced to ban 15 year old petrol vehicles and 10 year old diesel vehicles to curb air pollution? (June)

  • Answer –  Haryana

Which Government launched Asia’s First Gyps Vulture Reintroduction Programme at Jatayu Conservation Breeding Centre? (June)

  • Answer –  Haryana

Which state government approved a proposal to upgrade Shri Krishna Government Ayurvedic College as an AYUSH University?

  • Answer –  Haryana

_______government has launched a scheme to grant financial assistance of up to Rs. 25 lakh to MSME for registration of patents for products and processes. (May 2016)

  • Answer –  Haryana

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij stated that the state government would enact State___________ . (May 2016)

  • Answer –  Sports Council Act

Haryana government has proposed its tax free state budget for 2016-17. Who is the Finance Minister of Haryana? (March 2016)

  • The Haryana government proposed a tax free budget for the financial year 2016-17. Its focus was mainly in rural development and it also proposed relief to the riot-hit traders. It was presented by Finance minister of the state, Abhimanyu

A unique project for injecting contraceptive ‘Salamati’ has been launched for First time in which state? (March 2016)

  • A unique Project named by Salamati has been launched by the Haryana Govt for the first time ever in order to maintain a healthy balance between the births of children by using injectable contraceptive

Which state government on 26 March 2016 launched a new scheme, Adapting homes for the differently-abled? (March 2016)

  • Haryana launched a new scheme, under which six months’ pension would be given in advance to persons with disabilities for adapting their homes as per their requirement.

Which state will become the eighth state to join UDAY scheme after Punjab? (March 2016)

  • Haryana : Explanation: Seven states have already joined the UDAY (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana) scheme which is an initiative to clear the debts of the state run power distribution companies. Haryana will become the eighth state to join UDAY.

Which state has shown a mounting in crossing 900 plus mark in sex ratio with 903 girls per 1,000 boys? (Jan 2016)

  • Answer – C. Haryana
    – For the first time in 10 years, sex ratio in Haryana has shown a mounting crossing the 900 mark with 903 girls per 1,000 boys as compared to earlier 879 females per 1,000 males.

Which state govt has decided to make minimum educational qualification compulsory for the contestants of local body polls? (Dec 2015)

  • Answer –Haryana

Haryana Govt launched “TB free Haryana” campaign in collaboration with Medanta-The Medicity. In how many campaign’s target will be completed? (Nov 2015)

  • Answer – 5 years

Who is the Brand Ambassador free Haryana of tuberculosis (TB) campaign? (Nov 2015)

  • Answer – .Amitabh Bachchan

Sub-Committee of Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) has appointed which Haryana Minister as its member ? (Nov 2015)

  • Answer – Ram Bilas Sharma

Which state government Launched ‘Swadhar Greh’ Scheme for Women to provide them economic and social security in their difficult times? (October 2015)

  • Answer Haryana

Along with Karnal and Faridabad selected for development as smart city by the union government in Haryana, which city is been selected by Haryana government to develop as smart city with its own resources? (September 2015)

  • Answer Gurgaon

Which of the following state in India is going to emerge as most favored FDI destination? (August 2015)

  • Answer Haryana

With which of the state Haryana agreed to cooperate in biotechnology, life science? (August 2015)

  • Maryland

Name the person who was accorded the cabinet status by the Haryana Government on 13 April 2015.

  • Baba Ramdev